Born from the melting pot of humble passionate scholars of culinary, all were born around the Mediterranean Sea, Jardins de Carthage uses ancestral methods of preparing freshly picked, crisp, natural vegetables and transforming them, adding our special touch, into Traditional classics of Mediterranean cuisine.

Jardins de Carthage’s mission is to introduce the traditional aspects of Mediterranean cuisine to your table by offering you an array of bold flavors in a range of spiciness to meet the taste preferences of diverse palates.

 Jardins de Carthage was born on the southern bank of the Mediterranean, in Tunisia, a country that has been a crossroad for Oriental, Mediterranean and European culture since the Roman Imperial era.

 All of our products are ready to use, 100% vegetarian, kosher certified, and made with carefully selected premium ingredients.

Our bestseller, the Harissa, which was named the ‘new sriracha’ by the Washington Post, is made of crushed sun-dried cayenne peppers, making it the perfect spicy touch to any dish.