It is known as the dish that ‘never ends’, as the dark green dish always comes back together even after plunging a piece of warm bread through the middle.

The Meloukhia, one of the most popular and traditional Tunisian dishes, is made of ground corette leaves, which have an incredible amount of health benefits.

Our Meloukhia is already 90% pre-cooked and seasoned. To finish this delicious dish, we recommend adding some meat (beef, lamb, or spicy sausages) and dry mint. Continue to cook it for one hour and a half on a slow-heat.

Its deep, dark green color may cause some hesitation, but our Meloukhia’s unique and sophisticated savor will inspire and delight any person who takes the first plunge.

Serve it hot with warm bread.


All-natural, as nature intended.

Hand prepared and grown with love in Tunisia.

Certified Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher & Ready to Use.


Ingredient: Corette leaves, sunflower oil, garlic, harissa, spices, and salt

Net weight: 350gr (12.3oz)

Our products are made with love, from our family to yours.


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